Our 5 Favorite QC Reads: For Beginners and Intermediates

Our 5 Favorite QC Reads: For Beginners and Intermediates

After months of creating content for you all, our staff has come up with a few favorite quantum reads. The following reading materials mentioned will be subcategorized to cater your needs. 


  1. Fundamentals of Quantum Computing by Venkateswaran Kasirajan

University Students and Software Developers

This theory and practice book will give you an introduction to quantum computing and particularly focuses on algorithm development. In addition, this reading will give you a basic background of what quantum computing is and a hands-on of what approach you should take with getting started in quantum computing. This book provides a breakdown of the four leading qubit modalities and the math and source code needed for quantum computing. Finally, you will receive detailed examples and illustrations of each concept to help you understand. The author, Venkateswaran Kasirajan, is currently an engineering director at Trimble Inc, known for his interest in engineering and quantum physics. 

  1. Elements of Quantum Computation and Quantum Computation by Anirban Pathak 

Undergraduates studying physics, mathematics, computer science

This book dives into the specifics of quantum information theory, allowing beginners of quantum computing to get a better understanding and background before actually going into the technical side of quantum technology. This book is primarily based on the author;s lecture notes, starting from the development of classical and quantum information and ending with the different variations of quantum cryptography. If you’re more of a practice-based learner, this book is also great for you! It includes examples, exercises, drawings, references, and problems with detailed solutions.

  1. Quantum Computing for Beginners by Simon Edwards

Any Beginners undergraduates studying physics, mathematics, computer science

This book is a great place to start for real beginners. In this read, you can explore the changes quantum computing will bring to the world. To get a perspective on where exactly quantum computing’s importance fits in the world, and to see if you would take interest in it, read this book. Easy to understand, made for anyone, and learn the investments quantum computing will soon bring. 


  1. Beyond Classical by Rishwi Thimmaraju and Harika Vajha 

Course book for university students 

The authors of this book describe it as a crash course on quantum computing using Qiskit and IBM Q. If you’re looking for more theoretical, practical, and application-based experience, Beyond Classical is perfect for you. Beyond Classical will put your quantum computing skills to the test, as well as your patience. This will cover a course worth 10-weeks and will require at least 2 hours of attention per week. Rishwi Thimmaraju, a co-author of this book, is currently a Google DSC Lead, Quantum Researcher AI (ML + DL) engineer, and programmer. Harika Vajha, the second co-author, is known for her software development skills across Microsoft and Coding Ninjas. 

  1. Quantum Machine Learning with Python by Santanu Pattanayak 

Mathematical Background

Learn about the quantum computing machine learning foundations, quantum based algorithms, and quantum mechanical properties of subatomic particles. For this book, you will need a fair background in linear algebra and machine learning. This book also implements python and uses quantum computing algorithms such as Qiskit toolkit and Cirq. It is recommended to use this book as a resource after some basic knowledge of quantum computing is developed. Santanu Pattanayak, the author of this book, is currently a staff machine learning researcher at Qualcomm, and has twelve years of experience in data science and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

That’s all we got for you this time! We hope this is helpful and make sure to give these readings a look, you won’t regret it. 

Content Creator @ Q-munity

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